Saturday, 10 July 2010

"The Hell of it All" by Charlie Brooker

Year of Publication: 2009
Page Number: 396 pages
Genre: Humour, non-fiction, reviews, essays, TV, current affairs

Description: This book is a collection of humorous reviews and essays on TV, video games, current affairs and basically anything else that happened to be on Brooker's mind at the time of writing. They were originally published as columns in Britain's The Guardian newspaper between August 2007 and August 2009.

Opinions: Probably due to the origin of the items they are both very short (usually around two and a half to three pages) and very much of the moment to the point when, even though they are so recent, the articles are already starting to feel slightly dated. Also Charlie Brooker is not in any way shy about sharing his opinions and certainly not everyone will agree with what he writes. The thing about Brooker is that he is intelligent, he writes well, and he is extremely funny. His humour is extremely dark, savage and misanthropic. He pretty much machine-guns his luckless victims with bullets of wit. This book should appeal to anyone with a dark sense of humour and an interest in popular culture and/or current affairs, although the fact that it concerns itself almost exclusively with British pop culture may make it quite inaccessible to non-UK readers.


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